Red Steagall - Hats off to the Cowboy

Red Steagall  

Hats Off to the Cowboy

Red Steagall has “done it all,” with tremendous successes in television, radio, music & poetry recordings,  songwriting, motion pictures, writing and “live” performances. And his talent has been widely recognized, resulting in winning every award you can think of. In 2019, he released this ten track CD comprised of eight songs and two poems.


 You’ll hear a religious influence in some of the songs, e.g. “I Ride for the Brand of the Man with the Nail Scarred Hands” and “When He’s Gathered Up the Strays.” Actually, one of my favorites falls into that category: “I Won’t Have Far to Go,” a commentary on living in a part of the country that’s so picturesque that, when it’s time for the rider to leave this earth, he won’t have far to go to get to heaven. My other favorite is a delightful, up-tempo tune titled “Young Flankers are Hard to Come By,” but in this instance, it’s not fair to limit favorites to just two (and frankly, I can’t). Chalk up another “winner” for Red Steagall! Available from orders@redsteagall.com or (817) 444-0976. Highly recommended!

Track listing


01. Hats off to the Cowboy

02. I Won't Have Far to Go

03. When He Gathers up the Strays

04. All That a Man Really Needs

05. I Ride for the Brand of the Man with the Nail Scarred Hands

06. Inside the Same Fence

07. The Ritual of Spring

08. Young Flankers Are Hard to Come By

09. We Were Cowboys

10. The Preacher and the Bear

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