New Review By O.J Sikes, Rex Allen, Jr."The Singing Cowboy"

The Singing Cowboy 

- Rex Allen, Jr.                                        BRP Records 2017

In 1982, Warner Brothers released an all-Western LP by Rex Allen, Jr. to showcase “The Last of the Silver Screen Cowboys,” a song that included appearances by Rex Allen, Sr. and Roy Rogers, along with Rex, Jr. But the LP included much more, e.g. Rex Jr.’s co-composition, “Ride, Cowboy, Ride,” which became the theme song for Riders in the Sky for years, and has also been recorded and performed by many others over the years since Rex, Jr. recorded this definitive version. The Reinsmen sang with him on that song as well as on “Blue Prairie,” Rex’s composition “Roundup Time,” Stuart Hamblen’s ”Texas Plains” and “There’s Nobody Home on the Range Anymore.”  

     The album contains 10 tracks, all of which are outstanding. Why its release on CD was postponed for so many years is a mystery. In 1995, the Warner Western label released a CD that included 3 of the songs from the LP, but additional voices were overdubbed. I prefer the original sound, and now, it’s available on this new release for us old-timers to enjoy and for a whole new audience to welcome as well! This one’s a “must” for every Western music collection! Available from CD Baby.

Rex Allen Jr. - Ride Cowboy Ride Lyrics


Up in the mornin' at the break of day

You'll hear a big bearded cowboy at the chuck wagon say

Gather round boys the coffee's hot on the fire

There's a full day of branding we're heating the irons


I wanna smell that scorched hair and burning hide

The horses are grained you know they're ready to ride

Roll up your bed rolls and jump in your boots

Daylight is a wastin' boys it's out of the shoots


Come on and ride cowboy ride

Roll up your riatas and pull your sombrero down tight

We're gonna ride ride ride where the trail will wind

You'd better drive drive drive or we'll leave you behind

Come on and ride ride cowboy ride


It's a beautiful morning and you've had a good rest

You ropers get ready to be at your best

Let's saddle them ponies and tighten the cinch

Pull on your gloves and take your hat off the fence


We'll get the cattle to market and after they're sold

You can all let your hair down get lazy or bold

Ride into town and find a lady or two

To take you by the arms and shake the dust off your boots

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