New Relase Ricky Cook "Thanks A Lot Loretta!"

Ricky along with his good friend, writing partner and producer J.P. Pennington is laying out his heart and soul on his first CD, Thanks A Lot Loretta. This is the kind of music that true country music lovers have been anticipating for quite some time. Not only has he brought back authentic country music but he pays tribute to his longtime idol, Loretta Lynn whose cassette tape was the first he ever bought, ‘Just a Woman’. I thought she was a knock-out right then and there. I really fell in love after seeing her perform with Conway Twitty in my very first concert in Knoxville, Tennessee. I think when she hears my music, she’ll be just a little bit proud… after all I’m just a coal miner’s son.

Country Joe

Hangin' with My Country Peeps

Honk for a Hottie

It's All in the Kiss

Chewin' Beechnut

Kissin' Tree

Thanks a Lot, Loretta

Blood, Sweat and Mud

Call Me a Sinner

If That's Just Too Country

I Want to See You Satisfied

Mess up the Bed

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