If That Ain't Country June 7(Scott Southworth - Hey Hillbilly Singer!)

Scott Southworth - Hey Hillbilly Singer!

In this episode we're featuring a sensational album from Nashville-based songsmith Scott Southworth: "Hey Hillbilly Singer!" (2018). After playing in bands of every other genre, he made the full time move to country music and moved from his native Oregon to Music City to pitch songs to guys in suits in 2004. Achieving more than a few cuts over the years, for this album he's rounded up some of his musician friends (incidentally some of the best in the world, period) and recorded eleven tracks, all from his own pen. Highlights include the wonderful tribute to his wife of twenty five years in "Put Another Quarter In The Ride", the defiant "I Ain't Leaving Town", the barroom weeper "Cigar Store Indian" and the oh-too-true "Nobody Leaves This World Alive". This whole album sounds to me like Scott Southworth is just having a great time: unshackled from major label pressure or expectation, making the music he wants to make. And luckily for us, that music just so happens to be solid gold traditional country music. Bravo.

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