Sonny James - Bright Lights, Big City

Bright Lights, Big City

Sonny James performs "Bright Lights, Big City" Live Video on Hee Haw.

"Bright Lights, Big City" is a classic blues song which was written and first recorded by American bluesman Jimmy Reed in 1961. Besides being "an integral part of the standard blues repertoire", "Bright Lights, Big City" has appealed to a variety of artists, including country and rock musicians, who have recorded their interpretations of the song.

American country music singer Sonny James recorded "Bright Lights, Big City" in 1971. An early review included: "Jimmy Reed's blues number serves as strong material for the Southern Gentleman both vocally and for some exceptional guitar work".The song was James' fifteenth number-one hit in a row in the country chart as well as reaching number ninety-one in the pop chart. The song is included on James' 1971 album The Sensational Sonny James and several of his compilation albums.

Sonny James - Bright Lights, Big City lyrics


Bright light, big city, gone to my baby's head

Whoa, bright light, an'big city, gone to my baby's head

I tried to tell the woman, but she don't believe a word I said

It's all right, pretty baby, (gonna) need my help someday

Whoa, it's all right, pretty baby, gonna need my help someday

Ya' gonna wish you had a-listened, to some a-those things I said

Go ahead, pretty baby, a-honey, knock yourself out

Oh go ahead, pretty baby, honey, knock yourself out

I still love ya baby, 'cause you don't know what it's all about

Bright light, a big city, they went to my baby's head

Oh, the bright light, the big city, they went to my baby's head

I hope you remember, a-some of those things I said

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