Steel Horse Swing - Swing Time Baby

What terrific fun this jazzy Colorado assemblage is!!  Not thickly produced, Steel Horse Swing’s premiere album is just sweet and sorta vintage (surprise-surprise) Swing!  


The band features our new friend Carlos Washington on lead vocals.  We were introduced to him (and he to us) at this past November’s convention in Albuquerque.  A former professional rodeo rider, Washington used to sing to earn his entry fee.  At such events, he used to not be allowed to get away without singing the National Anthem to open the gate.  Hopefully now he can sing to earn bigger money, more fans and deserved fame.  There’s no good reason why it all shouldn’t be headed his way!


There’s not a weak one in the bunch, but we’ll name the following as picks:  the title track “Swing Time Baby” (a Washington original), Hank Williams’ “Hey Good Lookin’,”  Wood Newton & Joni Harms’ “Put The Western Back In Country” and their “Cowboy Up,” the spritely M.M. Murphey/Don Cook/Chick Rains song “Let The Cowboy Dance” and Ray Benson’s “Dance With Who Brung Ya.”


A closed-circuit message to Carlos:  Watch out on that “doggie” pronunciation!  They getcha on it!

Eleven tracks.  Highly recommended.


CD:  $15 (downloads $9.99) from Carlos Washington, 11675 Steele Ave., Elbert, CO 80106 or download through http://store.cdbaby.com/cd/steelhorseswing


 - by Rick Huff

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