Sue Thompson performs "Candy and Roses", live on Hee Haw.

Sue Thompson performs "Candy and Roses", live on Hee Haw.

Sue Thompson (born Eva Sue McKee, July 19, 1925) is an American pop and country music singer. She is best known for the million selling hits "Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)" and "Norman", both pop hits in the 1960s.

In 1962, "Have a Good Time" was a Top 40 hit and in 1963, "Willie Can" was a minor hit. Her early 1960s' hits made Thompson, then in her late-thirties, a favorite among the teenage crowd and briefly a rival to the much younger Connie Francis and Brenda Lee. Two additional hits, also written by Loudermilk, were "James (Hold the Ladder Steady)" and "Paper Tiger."

Sue Thompson Candy and Roses lyrics

Candy and roses everybody knows is 

The way to a woman's heart

If you love your woman and want a happy home 

Give her candy and roses for a start

Seeing the sweetest woman become the sweetest thing

Is like a wild tiger in and somebody's tank

Something about a box of candy and a rose

Makes the meanest woman wear a halo

Give her lots of love and a thought now and then

Treat her like a woman and never like a friend

Take her out to dinner then to a show

Don't forget to give her candy and roses

When you take a woman to be your wife

That don't mean you have to stop being nice

If you want her love to grow and grow

Ever now and then give her candy and roses

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