Swingin' West April 8th,Salute to B Western Bands and Stars

Salute to B Western Bands and Stars


 Theme- Bands

 I'm Talking 'Bout You- Bob Wills & Texas Playboys (Vocal- Bob Wills & Tommy Duncan) (AFRS) (Country Routes) (UK Import) (CD- Bob Wills in Hollywood 1943-1944)

Crawdad Song- Texas Jim Lewis (Vocalion) (Krazy Kat) (UK Import) (CD- Farewell Blues, Hot Swing Bands 1936-1941)

  We Just Can't Get Along- Light Crust Doughboys (Okeh- Unissued) (Krazy Kat) (UK Import) (CD- Light Crust Doughboys- 1936-1941)


Theme- Western Concert I- Songs as a Tribute to B Western Greats

Can You Hear Those Pioneers- Shirley Field (Canadian Import) (CD- Out Where the Cowboys Ride)

 I'll Be Rex Allen- Marvin O'Dell & Tom Hiatt (Musikode) (2CD- The Silver Screen Cowboy Project)

Dale Evans, Queen of the West- Mindy Petersen (Prairie Rose) (CD- Reflections of Dale Evans)


Theme- B Western Stars Do Western Swing

 Loaded Pistols- Dale Evans (78RPM- Majestic)

Someday You'll Know You Did Wrong- Eddie Dean (Standard Transcription) (Soundies) (CD- On the Banks of the Sunny San Juan)

 Brush Those Tears from Your Eyes- Roy Rogers, Foy Willing & Riders of the Purple Sage (From 1949-Republic Movie- Susanna Pass) (4CD- It Was Always the Music)


Theme- Western Concert II- More B Western Giants

 Doggone Cowboy- Rex Allen & Don Edwards (GME) (CD- A Pair to Draw To)

 There's A Cloud in My Valley of Sunshine- Jimmy Wakely & Bob Hope (78RPM Capitol)

Ride Ranger Ride- Gene Autry (Varese Sarabande) (CD- Goin' Back to Texas)


 Theme- More B Western Bands and Stars

Oklahoma Stomp- Spade Cooley (Steel Guitar- Joaquin Murphy) (Mule Kick) (CS- Joaquin Goes Hawaiian)

Yodel Yodel Yodel- Carolina Cotton (MGM) (Kit Fox) (CD- Yodeling Blonde Bombshell Volume 1)

 Up the River- Doye O'Dell (Exclusive) (Cattle) (German Import) (CD- Bath Tub Blues)

 Come On Boys We're Ridin' Into Town- Ray Whitley & his Six Bar Cowboys (Decca) (BACM) (UK Import) (CD- BACM Sampler)


 Maidens Prayer- Cliff Bruner & The Texas Wanderers (Delta) (LP- Then & Now)

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