Swingin' West April 1th,Salute to Some of Stars of Augusta Swing

Salute to Some of Stars of Augusta Swing



Sugar Moon- Beats Walkin (Vocal- Wendi Bourne) (Irresistible) (BMI)

You Call Everybody Darlin'- Augusta Swing Week All Stars- 1993 (Swing Cat) (ASCAP)

Darn That Dream- Roger Bellow & Paul Anastasio (Swing Cat) (ASCAP)

Theme- Johnny Gimble

I Hardly Miss You at All- Buster Doss (Stardust) (BMI)

Jesse Polka- Johnny Gimble (Live- Carolina Jubilee) (BMI)

Was- The Gimbles (indie) (unknown)

New CDs- I but first by Request

So in Love with You- Reid Wells & Segovia 1862 (indie) (unknown)

Playboy Swing (Remix)- George McClure (JIP) (BMI)

Luck Be a Lady- Antonio Rosales (Stardust) (BMI)

Brand New Tune- Chuck Cusimano (indie) (BMI)

Theme- Kathy & Marv Reitz

It's All Right with me- Buffalo Nickel Band (Patuxent) (ASCAP)

Red River Valley- Joe Whalen, Kathy & Marv Reitz (indie) (PD)

New CDs- II

There Ain't No Doubt- Kelli Grant (Silverfalls) (BMI)

Let's Make Music in the Country- Mary Allen-Keating & River Road Boys (indie) (unknown)

Faded Love- Frankie McWhorter (Maverick Books) (BMI)

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