Swingin' West April 15th,Western Swing Throughout North America

Western Swing Throughout North America



Won't You Ride in My Little Red Wagon- Lost Weekend (Redoubtable) (BMI)

Dance with Who Brung You- Rick & the Ramblers (Airflyte) (BMI)

Memories of You, Dear- River Road Boys (Buzzard Roost) (BMI)


Yellow Texas Moon- Western Caraven (indie) (unknown)

Did you Ever Hear of Tulsa, Oklahoma- Oklahoma Twisters (Too Many Dogs) (unknown)

Waltz of the Old Rio Grande- Desperados (Rio) (BMI)


No Thanks- Gunsmoke (RGP) (BMI)

I'll Keep on Loving You- Back Porch Swing Band (indie) (BMI)

Bebop Cowboys Theme- Bebop Cowboys (indie) (SOCAN) (Canadian Import)


I Reckon I'm A Texan- Beats Walkin (Irresistible) (unknown)

Gotta Keep 'Em Movin' Along- Billy Mata & Texas Tradition (indie) (BMI)

Too Late- Bobby Flores (Yellow Rose) (BMI)


Mama was the Rose of San Antone- Jody Nix (indie) (ASCAP)

Don't Be Ashamed of Your Age- John England (indie) (BMI)

Faded Love- Jim Loessberg (Startex) (BMI)

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