Swingin' West July 8,DJ Mike Gross

Composer's Corner- Harlan Howard



Under the Influence of Love- Johnny Bush & Justin Trevino (HOT) (BMI)

You Took Her off My Hands- Dick Hammonds (indie) (BMI)

I'll Save Some Blues for You- Dottie Jack (indie) (unknown)


I Don't Believe I'll Fall in Love Today- Lou Rochelle & Johnny Gimble (1966-KAWA, Waco, TX) (indie) (BMI)

Pick me Up on Your Way Down- Bobby Flores & Country Minstrels (indie) (BMI)

Another Bridge to Burn- Jim Price (Live- FSGC) (indie) (BMI)

Western Concert- South of the Border

El Rancho Grande- Karroll Sisters (Kay & Dolly) (indie) (BMI)

South of the Border- Daughters of the Purple Sage (indie) (ASCAP)

Another Day Without You- Margie Lane & Sundown Pete (Driftwood) (BMI)


Heartaches By the Number- Fred Spears & Prescott Playboys (indie) (BMI)

Room for One More Heartache- Robert Weeks (indie) (unknown)

Excuse Me- Girl Howdy (indie) (BMI)


Key's in the Mailbox- Mike O'Daniel (Patriot) (BMI)

Anything You can Spare- Paul Main (indie) (BMI)

The Image of Me- Jody Nix (indie) (BMI)

Darling Nellie Gray/Goldmine In The Sky- Bob Boatright (indie) (ASCAP)

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