Swingin' West May 27,DJ Mike Gross.

Western Swing go South

That's What I Like About the South- Lionel Wendling (French Import) (ASCAP)

Hoppin' in Joplin- Maryann Price (Catfish Jazz) (BMI)

Swannee River- Don Sulesky (indie) (unknown)

Mixed Grouping

Won't You Ride in My Little Red Wagon- Texas Panhandle Band (indie) (BMI)

The Sky is Falling- Interstate Cowboy (Ranch Ruckus) (unknown)

Western Swing do Western

Apache- Chuck Lettes (indie) (unknown)

I've Got Montana- Myra Pearce (Alymar) (BMI)

Along the Navajo Trail- Rick Alexander (RACo) (ASCAP)

Texas Dance Hall Time

Is This All There is to a Honky Tonk- Tony Booth (Heart of Texas) (BMI)

I Just Lost My Favorite Girl- Justin Trevino (Heart of Texas) (BMI)

City Lights- Frankie Rodgers (Collector Editions) (Canadian Import) (BMI)

Western Swing Blues

Honky Tonk Cowboy Blues- Stardust Cowboys (West Texas Country) (BMI)

The Lonely Streets of Town- Kitty Houston (E.H. King Music) (BMI)

Milk Cow Blues- Dugg Collins (West Texas Country) (ASCAP)

Faded Love- Damian Green (Fiddle Boy) (ASCAP)

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