Swinging Country April 28,DJ Billy Bowles

This Saturday will be my 8th Annual Bob Wills Tribute Episode Always the last Saturday in April. Which is the 47th Annual Bob Wills Day in Turkey, Texas. The Previous 7 have included a good mix of Bob Wills Music as well as Artist Appearing in Turkey and other Independent Artist doing either Bob Wills Music or Songs Inspired by Bob Wills.

This Year I am "Considering" playing a Lot more Bob Wills Music through the Decades Starting in the Early 1930's I have a Vast in fact HUGE collection of Bob Wills Music so much I have never heard much of it far more than most could imagine would you like to hear more Bob this year both Hits and Obscure or like I have done in the past? Thank you in advance for your thoughts tune in Saturday for my decision :) BTW I must pre record show early this week as I will be in Turkey much of the week. Keep Swinging Country---

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