Swinging Country April 7,DJ Billy Bowles

Howdy Fans & Friends round the Globe I think you will really enjoy this weeks episode filled with Music reports news and special interviews. Will start out with Garry Ash, Moe Bandy, Coby Carter. Followed by New Music to Swinging Country from Shavonne Aliphon, Donna Richard Lynch = Richard, Rich Price, Cherilyn Smith Johnston. I think you're going to like these tunes.

Next music from recent AWA Award Winners Bob Marshall, Bobby Marquez, Lorraine Chavana. Through out this & ALL episodes I highly encourage you to always have pen and paper ready!!! Next we will hear from Kenneth Goldsmith. Followed by a review of sorts from last Saturday @ The Cactus and music from Kristyn Harris, Jason Roberts. Then a Classic from the Bellamy Brothers followed by a visit with Howard Bellamy with a Lot of News to share! And The Bellamys will be appearing @ The Cactus Theater Lubbock, TX 4/13 after visit more music from the Bellamys Will Banister is next.

A very popular tune from Billy Mata is next followed by a visit with Billy we also have a lot to discuss including The Big Dance 4/14 @ The VFW in Sweetwater, TX. And the 48th Annual Bob WIlls Day in Turkey, TX April 26 - 28 !!!! And more of Billys' Music :) The late Frankie McWhorter & Leon Rausch, Jake Hooker. And a Double shot from Brady Bowen & Swing Country featuring Greg Gibbs on the vocal. 

Don't forget on My personal timeline Billy Bowles to join Dena Wood & I for SWING BACK watch the show as you listen in Pictures of the Artist , Bands, Sponsors and more! Your participation encouraged :) Till next post May God Bless You & Yours :) Keep Swinging Country---

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