Swinging Country Feb 24,DJ Billy Bowles

Special Guest Kelly Spinks on Swing It Out Segment.

Howdy Friends with The 22nd Annual Academy of Western Artist Will Rogers Awards coming up fast and several other Awesome events there is a lot to cover I highly encourage every one to HAVE PEN & PAPER READY!!! Because even if something does not apply to you chances are you have friends who will be interested. I Swing it off with 3 of the Top 5 Finalist for AWA Western Swing Male Leon Rausch, Billy Mata, Doug Boggs. 

Followed by Craig Murphy, Penny Gilley Stanglin and important information. Then music from Donna Richard Lynch = Richard, Dennis Paul Ledbetter, Brad Howard, And information on Craig Copeland's Lil' Reds Longhorn Saloon & My 5th Annual AWA Pre Awards Jam * Dance. 

Next Devon Dawson & The Outlaw, Bob Marshall, Rich Price & Information on My Jam @ Radisson in Cassidy's! 

Next music from Jean Prescott, Will Banister, Jake Penrod, Jay Parr. Then as we prepair for the Next Tribute to Western Swing & Traditional Country Music @ The Sweetwater VFW I will feature music from Coby Carter who will Headline next Saturday 3/3/18 along with Special Guest Star Kelly Spinks and Kelly wil be my Special Guest. And then Music from Chuck Cusimano, Kim W. Blakey, Leddy Taylor Bragg, Kenneth Goldsmith, Cheryl Deserée, Landon Dodd. Should be an Awesome episode!!! Share this post with your friends :) Join us on My personal timeline on Facebook each Saturday morning Dena Wood & I bring you the show in Pictures and your place to chimein have fellowship. Till then May God Bless You & Yours :) Keep Swinging Country---

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