Swinging Country June 16,DJ Billy Bowles

Friends & Fans I know that many of our Loyal listeners will be in Wichita Falls, TX this week and to get the mood started right for you one each from your line up Jason Roberts, Dave Alexander, Tracy Byrd. Have and keep Pen and paper ready through out the show up next a Double Shot from Jerry Douglas coming to the Cactus 6/19 followed by one each from Radney Foster and Ricky Skaggs both coming soon the the Cactus. Keep that pen and paper ready next up is a Double Shot from Kelly Spinks & Miles of Texas coming to Sweetwater VFW 7/7 Then a Double Shot from Kenneth Goldsmith with the second one kicking off The DADDY of Fathers Day Tributes! Including The Lennon Catheart Trio, Randy C Moore, Loretta Lynn, Steve Griggs, Kim W. Blakey, Chuck Cusimano, Brock Stevens, Bob Corley, George Strait Double Shot, Donna Richard Lynch = Richard Double Shot, Red Sovine Double Shot. Jimmy Dean Classic! Darrell McCall, Georgette Jones, Elizabeth-Justin Trevino = Justn. Bob Marshall. Something for every one! Join us on my Billy Bowles Timeline each Saturday Morning for SWING BACK it is for You to enjoy and fellowship with Fans around the Globe as you enjoy the Music :) Till then May God Bless You and Yours. Keep Swinging Country---


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