Swinging Country June 23,DJ Billy Bowles

ALL Friends & Fans this weeks show is another one for the History Books! With 2 Awesome Guest 2 World Radio Premiers and 4 Terrestrial Radio Premiers!!!

I know your curious now :) I will begin with Taryn Noelle with Rick Norcross & The Ramblers with a Western Meets Western Swing tune! Followed by a Western Tune from New to Swinging Country Sara Lou & The Cowboy. Then a New release from Tony Barge followed by a tune from Jason Allen each New to Swinging Country recordings. Next Double Shots from Kenneth Goldsmith and Kelly Spinks. Have Pen and Paper Ready!!!! Next listen to Chuck Cusimano & Dee Jee Overbey, Craig Murphy, Will Banister, Coby Carter W/ Jake Hooker & Leon Rausch, Gary Nix, Sassy Cathy Whitten.

A Public Service Announcement from Brent Adams on The Ernest Tubb Memorial Fund set up by Glenn Tubb.

A Double Shot from Radney Foster coming to the Cactus Theater. Then My First of Two very special guest Brad Howard Nashville Recording Artist Featuring Two World Radio Premiere Songs and Two I Previously World Radio Premiered by him along with a Visit with Brad!!! DON"T MISS IT :) 

Then a visit with Dallas Wayne of XM's Willie's Roadhouse and Outlaw Country including FOUR Awesome tunes from the New Release Songs The Jukebox Taught Me Volume 2 on Heart of Texas Records. BTW It will be Dallas Wayne's Birthday wish I'd known before the pre recorded interview! BIG STUFF FRIENDS!

And closing out with a New Release Duet from Rex Allen Jr. & Sara Lou. Remember to join Dena Wood, Vicki Kunetka & Me Billy B on my Personal Facebook Timeline each Saturday morning during Swinging Country for SWING BACK Your place to gather together with Fans around the World for Friendship & fellowship as the Show unfolds before your eyes in Pictures. Till then May God Bless You & Yours :) Keep Swinging Country--

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