Swinging Country June 30,DJ Billy Bowles

Howdy Friends This week 3 Awesome Artist Spotlights & 8 Radio Premiers!!! We will start off Swinging with a couple Birthday Dedication songs for Syl Gru.From Garry Ash, Georgette Jones. Next Two Amazing Artist coming to the Cactus Theater Will Banister & Ricky Skaggs. Followed by two New to Swinging Country tunes first from Riders In The Sky then Carolyn Martin. A Double Shot from Kenneth Goldsmith. Then My first of Three Spotlight Featured Artist Interviews Kelly Spinks information on Two events with Kelly and Three incredible tunes! Have pen and paper ready. Next up the second of Three Spotlight Featured Artist Interviews with Dennis Paul Ledbetter to Include FOUR World Radio Premiered Songs!!! Then we will hear about the Ernest Tubb Memorial Fund agan Have Pen and paper and a ET Classic :) And finally my Third Spotlight Featured Artist Interview Including Four More World Radio Premiere Songs from Smilen' Bobby Marquez. I will finish out with Patriotic Songs from Tim Atwood, Sandy Paramore and more if time allows. This should prove to be an Awesome edition of Swinging Country with these Wonderful Talents join us :) Also join Dena Wood Vicki Kunetka, & Me Billy B. on my Personal Facebook timeline Billy Bowles each Saturday morning to watch the show unfold and fellowship with Fans World Wide. Till then May God Bless You & Yours :) Keep Swinging Country---

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