Swinging Country May 26,DJ Billy Bowles

This Week 11 World Radio Premiere Recordings

3 From Dee Jee Overbey Co Written with Chuck Cusimano.

4 With 3 being originals From Bobby Mackey.

4 Originals from Joni Harms. Also Visits with each Artist.

Also Music from Cowjazz Western Swing Band.

Kelly Spinks coming to Sweetwater VFW July 7

Jerry Doulas also Radney Foster both to soon appear at The Cactus Theater Lubbock, TX.

Honoring our Country and Fallen Heros with Tunes from Fort Worth Cowtown Opry Buckaroos. Chuck Cusimano, Brad Howard

and The Late Great Joe Paul Nichols.

Facebook has made this posting difficult. Join us it will bw Awesome. Till next post May God Bless You & Yours :) Keep Swinging Country---


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    Clinton Wayne (viernes, 15 enero 2021 18:15)

    Hi Mr. Bowles. I was wondering if it’s possible to get my material to you. I’m not new to the industry but I’m new as a solo artist. I’m traditional country, I’m too old for the new crowd and pretty young for the traditional crowd lol. Kinda stuck in the middle. If you wouldn’t mind responding. I go by Clinton Wayne 940-284-4745 clintsturgeon@yahoo.com