Swinging Country May 5,DJ Billy Bowles

Howdy Friends & Fans I will kick off the show talking about Bob Wills Day Turkey Texas last weekend and thanking several people I truly appreciate such a wonderful time was had. Starting off the Music with 2 from 1953 Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys featuring Louise Rowe & Keith Coleman on Vocals then one from last year featuring Lousie Rowe & The Texan Playboys who will be appearing this weekend in Mineral Wells Tx @ The Prestigious Cowtown Society of Western Music Swingfest. Followed by more music from artis who will be in Mineral Wells Deveon & The Outlaw, Jason Roberts, Brady Bowen, Greg Gibbs, Chuck Cusimano, Kim W. Blakey, Jimmy Burson, Emily George.

Emily George has just released her First CD Shadows of What Used To Be She is my Spotlight Featured Artist and Guest I will World Radio Premiere Three Songs from this CD. By the way EMily is a 17 Yr old High School Student in Tulia TX. and Jimmy Burson's Granddaughter. She will have her CD's for sale in Mineral Wells this weekend. 

Next I deliver food for thought about today's technology through music from Johnny Angel & Helldorado, Donna Richard Lynch, Kenneth Goldsmith. You are going to enjoy that :) 

Followed by Music from Carlos Washington & Steel Horse Swing, Leslie Alexander = Leslie Tom, Cathy Whitten.

Next up Artist appearing in Lubbock @ The Cactus Theater this month Junior Brown, Quebe Sisters, Gene Watson.

Then I will Feature the Future with music from Jack Phillips, Abby Payne, Leddy Taylor Bragg. Next group is Jo-el Ulmer & LeAnne Smith Ulmer = 2C4N, Buddy Eugene & Claudia Masteller Bailey, Bobby Marquez. 

Closing the show out with a Wonderful Gospel Classic from Jake Hooker & The Outsiders. 

Mark your calendar Now for Next Weeks Swinging Country when I Promise to bring out Every emotion you can imagine through the Power of Music on My 8th Annual Mothers Day Special. Till next Post May God Bless You & Yours :) Keep Swinging Country---

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