Swinging Country Nov 14,DJ Billy Bowles


Howdy friends Swinging right out with one from Steve Markwardt.

Then I'll provide information on Two Major Love Offering Events for our Friend Mark Abbott 11/15 and 11/22 

Then we will hear from Jody Nix Double Spin, Hoyle Nix, Bobby Flores. Saturday 11/14 Celebration of 74 Years of Nix Family Music at The Stampede in Big Spring, TX.

Next comes The Quebe Sisters, Marty Haggard, Johnny Johnson.

Followed by Myra Rolen, Dee Jee Overby, Cathy Jewell.

Next in line Jerry Webb, Chuck Cusimano, Moe Bandy. A set of fit togethers featuring Bill Anderson, Leon Rausch & AATW.

Then the Main Event Spotlight Featured Artist Tim Atwood I will have a Three part Visit with Tim and his Wife Roxane and FROM THE ABOUT TO BE RELEASED CD WHO I AM WORLD RADIO PREMIERE 7 CUTS! From the 15 songs on the CD. Immediately following the last tune from Tim a couple of just fits in theme tunes from Glen Tubb, Joni Harms.  And time's up way too quick!

Spread the word and share this please the "New" FB format is NOT User Friendly Fact Check That!  And don't forget to join me & Dena Wood on my Personal Timeline for SWING - BACK as you listen for pictures comments fun and fellowship in other Words JOIN IN PARTICIPATE and have FUN 🙂 Till then May God Bless You and Yours! Keep Swinging Country---

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