Swinging Country Oct 20,DJ Billy Bowles

Howdy Friends first a reminder November 4 here in the U.S.A. we set our Clocks Back one Hour as Day Light Savings Time ends and Standard time returns so for some show will be an hour earlier than now. This week starts off Swinging with Leon Rausch & AATW, Garry Ash, Cowboy Joe Babcock. Next in line Three songs I have recently World Radio Premiered from Dennis Paul Ledbetter, Kent Gill, Donna Richard Lynch = Richard. Next a Bluegrass Treat from Del McCoury Band The most Awarded Band in Bluegrass History appearing @ The Cactus Theater this Sunday evening 10/21. Kenneth Goldsmith, then as we prepare for this Saturday Night @ Becky Justice Ford's Coyote Store in Gail, TX we will hear the line up Spur 327 Band, A Double Shot from Jody Nix & The Texas Cowboys, and a Double Shot from Headliner Gene Watson and The Fair Well Party Band!!! On tap next Lonnie Spiker, Lubbock's own Jenni Dale Lord, Carl Finney. Then a very important undertaking we will hear one from the Late Ernest Tubb followed by a important message from Brent Adams and Glenn Tubb! Have pen and paper ready for details and keep it handy as we hear a Double Shot from Bobby Flores and The Yellow Rose Band coming to Sweetwater VFW Nov 3 with Emcee Skeebo Norris. Moving on we have Smilein' Bobby Marquez, Moe Bandy, Sassy Cathy Whitten, Bobby. Then get ready for Penny Gilley Stanglin, Will Banister, Chuck Cusimano & Dee Jee Overbey, Bobby Marquez & Rhonda Vincent, Tim Atwood. Darrell McCall, Scott Southworth, Texas Dancehall Legend Johnny Bush. 

This week SWING - BACK on my personal Facebook time line will be Yours to operate I'll post the Pic and Invite you kind folks to post pictures make comments etc. Have FUN and make friends. My SWING - BACK team Dena Wood & Vicki Kunetka both have other obligations Dena has a Singing Gig and Vicki has to attend a Funeral of a Dear Friend please keep them both in your Prayers. Till Then May God Bless You & Yours :) Keep Swinging Country---

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