Swinging Country Oct 27,DJ Billy Bowles

Howdy Fans Family & Friends around the Globe Welcome to a special edition of Swinging Country. People who have known me a long time know that I have and use several Mottos one of them "Always Expect The Unexpected" could perhaps apply to this weeks episode. As always a lot of information to share so I strongly encourage you to keep paper and pen ready! This week I have 2 Spotlight Featured Artist with visits a Bobby Day Bobby Flores and Bobby Mackey!!! This show will in Large part be my Halloween show with I hope something for every one. I'll start off with one from The King of Western Swing Bob Wills. Followed by Carl Vaughan, Chuck Cusimano, Gene Watson seen last week @ Becky Justice Ford's Coyote Store in Gail, TX. Then Michael Martin / Michael Murphey, Riders In The Sky both of whom are coming soon to Darryl Holland's Cactus Theater soon! Again Pen & Paper. Next a Double Shot from Kenneth Goldsmith. Then it's my first Spotlight Featured Artist Bobby Flores coming next week to Sweetwater VFW. Next our continuing efforts to make a Memorial Statue for Ernest Tubb a Reality in The Fort Worth Stock Yards a song from ET & Red Folly that fits with the Halloween Theme and a PSA on the project from Brent Adams & Glenn Tubb. Next in line my 2nd Spotlight Featured Artist Bobby Mackey owner of The Most Famous and Documented Haunted Nightclub in America World Famous Bobby Mackey's Nightclub Wilder Kentucky. 

I stated earlier in this post Always Expect the Unexpected the rest of the program is some what Ghostly starting with The Father of Country Music Jimmy Rogers from 1929!!! BTW More Classics & Legends than normal this week as well. Then it's Hank Williams Sr. Alan Jackson then a Truly scary song the kind that Horror movies are made from or vice versa Called PSYCHO by Eddie Novak from 1968 after that I figure it will be time to lighten the mood with a Funny sent to me by David D. Stallings a Willie P. Richardson Phone Prank Classic called Lighted Casket Hilarious!!! More Classics from the Legends Johnny Bush, Red Sovine, Patsy Montana, Marty Robbins, George Mrogan, Merle Haggard. IMPORTANT NOTE This week SWING - BACK on my personal Time line will be YOURS to Handel both Team Members Dena Wood and Vicki are Away for Very Good and Personal reasons this week. And Vicki is in a State Park with very poor service. Thanks in advance for picking up the slack and your participation. Till next post May God Bless You & Yours :) Keep Swinging Country---

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