Swinging Country Oct 31,DJ Billy Bowles

Howdy Y'all be sure and Tune in and invite others to tune in as well this episode is PACKED with Music and Memories as well as TWO New Singles to World Radio Premiere! In fact the Show will open with a World Radio Premiere Coming to us from Gary Nix And West Texas! Then we remember the Music of Jerry Jeff Walker with three of his greatest and one that was Inspired a Story / Poem from A K Moss. Next up a Brand New Tune from Bobby Mackey and Lisa Layne a Great New Love Song followed by Two from Bobby Mackey. Bobby and I had intended to have a Visit for this episode in fact it has become some what of a Tradition to have Bobby Mackey on Swinging Country each year in my final October Episode for several years now as his Night Club Bobby Mackey's World in Wilder KY is Well known and documented as The Most Haunted Night Club in America also known as America's Honkytonk! Due to our Weather his schedule just did not work out this time 2020 for you right? From there I'll go straight into Halloween Classics from The Father of Country Music Jimmy Rogers 1929 on to Hank Williams Sr. Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard, Eddy Arnold, Patsy Montana, Alan Jackson, Johnny Bush, Red Sovine, David Ball, Eddie Noak, David D Stallings / Willie P. Richardson. Ending my Halloween type recordings.

Next is a Commentary from me Billy B. URGING Everyone if you have not yet to Get Out and VOTE Tuesday November 3 if you are  Legally Registered and were unable to Vote early. I can not tell any one how to Vote that is a Personal decision but use your head NOT what "Mainstream News Brainwashes You with" as you consider the facts. Regardless VOTE then you can Complain, Protest Peacefully etc. I will Exercise my Constitutional Right under the First Amendment Freedom Of Speach through the Songs and Music I have chosen coming to you from Alicia Summers McLeod, My Second World Radio Premiere this episode coming to you from Keith Phillips, next Richard Lynch, Buddy Davis, Bobby Mackey, Tim Atwood, Bobby Flores. And we are out of time. Be Safe Halloween 2020 Full Moon Scary!!! And a Blue Moon at that! Please share this post with any one who would enjoy the show. Join us During the Broadcast on my Personal Billy Bowles timeline as you listen for Pictures Fun and Fellowship. Till then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country---

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