Swinging Country Sep 22,DJ Billy Bowles

Howdy Friends & Fans you are in for quite a show this week. Have your Dancing Boots on from the start! Also Pen & Paper ready! I'll start off With Coby Carter then Tommy Hooker X 2 each and will give you information on The Coby Carter Dance with Special Guest Star Tommy Hooker Oct. 6 @ The Sweetwater VFW Dancehall. Next will feature 3 Current AWA Award winners Dennis Paul Ledbetter, Bob Marshall, Will Banister. Then A World Radio Premiere from Donna Richard Lynch = Richard Lynch With Special Thanks to Randy Hayford President of Twang Thang Country Promotions Nashville, TN. Called Pray On The Radio. and then a follow up song from Richard. Then three songs involving matters of the Heart from Hank Williams Sr. , Jake Penrod, Kenny Dale. 

Our Friend Kenneth Goldsmith celebrated a Birthday this past Monday Hope it was an Awesome day for ya Ken! I'll spin Two of his Original songs. Next New Artist to Swinging Country Scott Sharp I learned of Scott from a post our Friend Steve Tidbury put up. And I'll follow that up with a Tune I World Radio Premiered last week from Kent Gill. Then in our continuing effort to make the Ernest Tubb Memorial a reality in Fort Worth, TX I'll spin one from ET with a Follow up message from Brent Adams & Glenn Tubb. Next a Tune from Lubbock, TX Native Mike Siler Mike is a part in the Story Mikki Daniel & I will be sharing. Next is My Spotlight Featured Artist Mikki Daniel. We will share the story of her Musical & Educational Careers from the beginning in fact we both began our Music Careers in very different capacities about the same time we will tell the story in four parts with several of her Songs to feature along with it. As I think about It I realize it is in fact a Real True Living the dream Fairy Tell Story stay tuned to the end or really beginning next chapter. After the spotlight hear Lorraine Chavana, then Joni Harms. I think you will really enjoy the program invite your friends and family feel free to share this post. Don't forget to Join Dena Wood, Vicki Kunetka and Me Billy B. for SWING - BACK on MY Personal time line during the show for Fun Fellowship pictures and who knows? :) Till then May God Bless You and Yours :) Keep Swinging Country

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