Swinging Country Sep 29,DJ Billy Bowles

Howdy Friends & Fans I start it off Swinging with Cowjazz Western Swing Band! Then in preparation of the Big Show & Dance @ Becky Justice Ford's Legendary Coyote Store in Gail TX this Saturday Night I'll spin a Double Shot each from Johnny Rodriguez, and Janie Fricke as always have Pen & Paper at hand. Next group has tunes from Will Banister, Cathy Whitten, Jo-el Ulmer & LeAnne Smith Ulmer = 2 Country 4 Nashville, Larry Goddard. Next up Tommy Hooker then my First of Two Spotlight Featured Artist this week Coby Carter X 3 and a Visit with Coby. Coby and Tommy will be playing @ The Sweetwater VFW Dancehall Saturday October 6. Then comes a Double Shot from Kenneth Goldsmith. A Classic from Ernest Tubb and an Important message from Brent Adams and Glenn Tubb again have pen and paper ready please. Next I'll talk about the Big Annual Oktober Fest Celebration @ Joe & LaTisha Atwood Keller's Triple J Chophouse Tuesday October 2 and play Neal McCoy, and Billy Currington. Then it is time for my second Spotlight Featured Artist Chuck Cusimano I will World Radio Premiere Several Songs from his Newest about to be Released CD The Collection Volume 2 and will available at Greg Irvin's i2irecords.com and will close it out on a very positive note with one I World Radio Premiered last week from Donna Richard Lynch = Richard. And closing out with one from Brady Bowen & Swing Country. Please feel free to share away with this post. Don't forget to join Vicki Kunetka, & Me Billy B. for SWING BACK during the show on my personal Billy Bowles Facebook timeline. Till then May God Bless You & Yours :) Keep Swinging Country---

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