New Review By O.J Sikes,"50 Guitars Texas"

Six Flags Over Texas & Go Country

- The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett-


Jasmine JASCD 973


This new release features 2 LPs on one CD. Both were from The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett series and both were arranged by Ernie Freeman and produced by Tommy “Snuff” Garrett in 1962. The musicians are a “who’s who” of guitarists and, while all are not identified individually, Tommy Tedesco and Bill Pitman were two of Garrett’s favorites and he called on them frequently. You may rest assured that “Snuff” always used top-notch talent for his recording sessions.   

   Initially, these two albums were not as well-received in the US as earlier releases had been, but Jasmine wanted to preserve them for fans of  the unique sound of “The 50 Guitars.” There are a few songs of interest among the 12 county selections, e.g. my personal favorite among them is “Sugarfoot Rag,” but Western fans will probably be more interested in the 12 from the Texas side, like “Houston,” “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” “Texas, Our Texas,” “Theme from ‘The Alamo’” and “Six Flags Over Texas.”  Widely available online or from your favorite dealer.

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