Toby Keith - Should've Been A Cowboy

Reached number # 1, for two weeks in a row, also reached the number # 1 on the charts of Canada Country Tracks. It was the first number one of Toby's career.

Song written and recorded by Toby Keith for the Mercury label, was recorded at the end of 1992 in The Music Mill, 1710 Roy Acuff Place, Nashville, TN, Toby was accompanied in the recording by: Mark Casstevens (guitar and harmonica), Kenny Bell (guitar), Donald Potter (guitar), Michael Crossno (guitar), John Willis (guitar), Reggie Young (guitar), Jim Kimball (guitar), Sonny Garrish (steel & dobro), Johnie Helms (steel), Carl “ Chuck “Goff Jr. and Gary Lunn (bass), Scott Marcha, Milton Sledge and Keith Mellington (drums), Troy Turner, Clayton Ivey and Chris Trupe (keyboards), Denis Solee (sax) and Dennis Wilson, Thomas Flora, Michael Black and Lon Wilson (back vcl). With the production of Nelson Larkin & Harold Shedd, the song was released on February 12, 1993, on June 5, 1993, reached number # 1, for two weeks in a row, on June 26, 1993, also reached the number # 1 on the charts of Canada Country Tracks. It was the first number one of Toby’s career.

The song was included in Toby’s debut album, Toby Keith (Polygram / Mercury 1993), the album was released on April 20, 1993, and reached number # 17 on the U.S. Top Country Albums. The album was certified as platinum in the USA and gold in Canada.


It has received more than three million spins on country radio, making it the most-played country song of the 1990s.


The song is a staple following sporting events at Oklahoma State University (home of the Cowboys), often played over the venue’s PA system several times in succession as fans emptied the stadium or arena.

Toby Keith – Should’ve Been A Cowboy Lyrics


I bet you have never heard ole Marshal Dillon say

Miss Kitty have you ever thought of running away

Settling down would you marry me

If I ask you twice and beg you pretty please

She should of said Yes in a New York minute

They never tied the knot

His heart was not in it

He just stole a kiss as he road away

He never hung his hat up, at Kitty’s place



I should been a cowboy

I should learned to rope and ride

Wearing my six-shooter, riding my pony on a cattle drive

Stealing young girls hearts

Just like Gene and Roy

Singing those campfire songs

Oh, I should have been a cowboy


[Verse 2]

I might of had a sidekick with a funny name

Running wild through the hills chasing Jesse James

Ending up on the brink of danger

Riding shotgun for the Texas Rangers

Go west young man, have not you been told

California is full of whiskey, women and gold

Sleeping out all night beneath the desert stars

With a dream in my eye, and a prayer in my heart

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