Wanda Jackson - Cowboy Yodel

Cowboy Yodel


 Wanda Jackson play Cowboy Yodel   on the Hee Haw show.

"Cowboy Yodel"is a country song featuring yodeling, written by written by Carson J. Robinson. It has been recorded by artists like Wanda Jackson and Margo Smith.

Wanda Jackson Cowboy Yodel Lyrics


There's a cowboy that I know ridin' in the rodeo

He's a feller that I'm fondest of

I love him and he loves me and that's the way it ought to be

But he drives me crazy when we're makin' love cause he always starts to yodel (yodel)

Well he always squeezed me at night while the moon was shinin' bright

And I knew I was under his spell

He was gazin' in my eyes and I was breathing pretty sighs

Then like Tarzan he'd let out a great big yell And he started into yodel (yodel)

Well when he led me down the isle I wore such a pretty smile

And my handsome cowboy wore a buckskin suit

When the parson said will you promise always to be true

My lover smiled and gently cleared his throat and he started to yodel (yodel).

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