Western Music Time (1-5 Aug 2018),DJ OJ Sikes

Western Music Time

Opening theme

There’s a Blue Sky Way Out Yonder – Riders in the Sky

Sioux City Sue – Gene Autry

Mexicali Medley - High Country Cowboys

Idaho Ho – Andy Parker & the Plainsmen

Reminds Me of You - Lauralee Northcutt

Albino Pink-eyed Stallion – Rex Allen Jr

Remembering the Sons of the Pioneers LP Tumbleweed Trails on the Vocalion label, released in 1964

Tumbleweed Trail

There's A New Moon over My Shoulder 

I Knew It All The Time   

Salt River Valley

Pretty Cowgirl – New West

Down at the Old Corral – Kyle Evans

Road of Dreams – Jean Prescott

Lasso Your Love – Casey & Rick Peden

‘Neath Blue Montana Skies – Gene Autry

Montana Skies – New West fea Raul Reynoso

Blue Montana Skies – Riders in the Sky

Panhandle Rag – Jerry Byrd

It’s Time to Sing a Song – Les Gilliam

Western Music recorded in the 1970’s & 80’s

Night Guard – Roy Rogers 1970

The Blizzard - Roy Rogers 1970

Tyin’ Knots in the Devil’s Tail - Rex Allen 1972

Land Beyond the Sun – The Reinsmen 1973

Hoppy, Gene & Me – Roy Rogers 1975

Can You Hear Those Pioneers? – Rex Allen, Jr. 1976

When Payday Rolls Around – Sons of the Pioneers 1976

Teardrops in My Heart – Rex Allen, Jr. 1976

Trail of the Murmuring Pines – The Reinsmen 1977

Old Home Town – Bob Nolan 1979

Three on the Trail – Riders in the Sky 1980

Trail to San Antone – The Reinsmen 1980

Ride Concrete Cowboy, Ride – Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers 1980

Call of the Wild – Sons of the Pioneers 1982

Happy Cowboy – Don Edwards (with The Reinsmen) 1982

The Last of the Silver Screen Cowboys - Rex Allen, Jr. 1982

Texas Plains – Roy Rogers 1983

King of the Cowboys – Dusty Rogers 1983

The Fence Rider – Rusty Richards 1983

The Gift – Ian Tyson 1986

Closing theme

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