Western Music Time(14-18 March 2018),DJ OJ Sikes

Opening theme

Ride Cowboy Ride – The English Brothers

Who’s Gene Autry?- Johnny Cash

Texas Plains – Gene Autry 

Where are the Heroes? - Rex Allen Jr.

Chickashay Gal – Roy Rogers

On Top of Old Smokey – Rex Allen

Idaho – Andy Parker & the Plainsmen

Down the Colorado Trail – Tex Ritter

I Hear You Talkin’ – Jimmy Wakely

The Old Trail – Gene Autry  

Horsethief Moon – Ian Tyson

Neath the Purple on the Hill – Jimmy Wakely

Purple Sage in the Twilight – Gene Autry

Hold that Critter Down - Sons of the Pioneers

My Love (is the West) – Marty Robbins

Roundup in the Sky – Cass County Boys

I Got Texas in My Soul – Tex Williams

Montana Lullaby – Belinda Gail

I Gotta See Texas -  Wesley Tuttle

Your Tears Came Too Late – Foy Willing & the Riders of the Purple Sage

Wildlife in Western Music

The West is as Wild as Ever – Andy Parker & the Plainsmen (rattlesnakes, bald eagles)

Mustang – Bob Wagoner (wild mustangs)

Home on the Range – Sons of the Pioneers (deer, antelope)

Man Walks Among us – Marty Robbins (rabbit, coyote, eagle)

Silver Spur – Terry Brown (wild horse)

Buffalo – Reinsmen (bison)

Listen to the Mockingbird – Sons of the Pioneers

You Don’t Know What Lonesome Is – Bing Crosby (hoot-owl, prairie hen)

Burro Lullaby – Reinsmen (wild burro)

South Coast – Rydin’ Hi (mountain lion)

Cowboy’s Meditation – Andy Parker & the Plainsmen (wolves, owls)

Song of the Prairie – Sons of the Pioneers (prairie dove, coyote)

When the Snowbirds Cross the Rockies – Gene Autry  (snow bunting)

Cherokee Strip – Andy Parker & the Plainsmen (lizards, ants, grasshoppers, horned toads, centipedes & snakes)

Along the Yellowstone – Ranger Chorus (speckled trout)

Whippoorwill Waltz – Andy Parker & the Plainsmen

Chuckawalla Swing – Sons of the Pioneers (desert lizard)

Ridin’ Down the Canyon – Gene Autry (coyote)

All Wild Things –Sons of the Pioneers  (generic)

Closing theme

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