Western Music Time(21-25 March 2018),DJ OJ Sikes

Opening theme

Fast Freight – Andy Parker & the Plainsmen

Songs from “The Serious Side” in Jim Bob Tinsley’s book, HE WAS SINGIN’ THIS SONG

The Yellow Rose of Texas – Roy Rogers

The Girl I Left Behind Me – Rex Allen 

Cowboy Jack – Tex Ritter

Red River Valley – Gene Autry

Poor Lonesome Cowboy – Don Edwards

Home on the Range – Sons of the Pioneers

The Last Long Horn – Carl T. Sprague 

I’m Going to Leave Old Texas Now – RW Hampton  

Seven More Songs about Western Wildlife

Party on the Prairie – Terry Brown (Coyotes, Lizards, Desert Tortoise, Rabbits, Prairie Dogs, antelopes, hawks, rattlesnakes, etc.)

The Eagle’s Heart – Sons of the Pioneers (Eagle)

The Glory Trail, aka “High Chin Bob,” aka “The Cowboy & the Mountain Lion” – Don Edwards (Mountain Lion)

Wild Wolves – Rusty Richards (wolves)

Coyote Serenade – Sons of the Pioneers (coyotes)

Prairie Fantasia – Sisters of the Silver Sage (coyotes

Cow Town – George Strait

God’s in the Saddle – Gene Autry & the Cass County Boys

Down the Trail to San Antone – The Reinsmen

On a Blue Ridge Mountain Trail – Jimmy Wakely Trio  

Trail of the Lonesome Pine – Rex Allen

Twilight on the Trail – Gene Autry

Melody from the Sky – Sons of the Pioneers fea Tim Spencer (1936)

Chant of the Wanderer - Ken Curtis

From Whence Came the Cowboy – Sons of the San Joaquin

The Wagons Roll – Harve Presnell

Trail Dust – Diamond W Wranglers

Let’s go South of the Border!

South of the Border – Riders in the Sky

Amapola - Gene Autry

Besame Mucho – Trio los Panchos

Alla en El Rancho Grande – Rex Allen

Lights of Old Santa Fe – Roy Rogers

Hasta la Vista – Sons of the Pioneers

La Rosita – Laurindo Almeida

Rollin’ Plains – Johnny Bond

Nancy Till – Ezra and the Beverly Hillbillies

The Blizzard – Tex Ritter

Closing theme

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