Western Music Time(25-29 April 2018),DJ OJ Sikes

Opening theme

I Hate to Say Goodbye to the Prairie - Gene Autry & the Cass County Boys   

The Devil’s Great Grandson –  The Sons of the Pioneers and Roy Rogers

Call of the Lonesome Trail – Bob Wagoner

Our Cowboy Heroes

Upon the Silver Screen – Les Gilliam

To Hear Gene Autry Sing – Doc Stovall

Whatever Happened to Randolph Scott? – The Statler Brothers

I’ll Be Rex Allen (& You be Rocky Lane) – Marvin O’Dell & Tom Hiatt

What Ol’ Roy Would Do – Jim Bowman

Round Her Neck, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon – Studio Orch & Chorus

Lash LaRue – Marvin O’Dell

Where Are the Heroes? – Rex Allen Jr

Salute to Composer, Fleming Allan

I’ve Got a Cowboy Song for Sale – Eddie Dean

Singing on the Trail – Jill Jones & the Lone Star Chorale

Riding the Range – Gene Autry

Dry & Dusty – Cal Shrum & his Rhythm Rangers fea Tex Williams

I’ve Sold My Saddle for an Old Guitar – Roy Rogers

Palomino Pal of Mine – Eddie Dean

Ridin’ Down that Utah Trail – Ray Whitley

Old Buckaroo – Gene Autry

Road to Santa Fe – Eddie Dean

Harmony yodeling and slow yodels

Way Out There –The Reinsmen

The Last Roundup – Gene Autry

Chant of the Wanderer – Sons of the Pioneers

Cowpoke – Rex Allen

Lady Hoo, I Love You – Rough Riders fea Jimmy Wakely

Room to Roam – Wylie & the Wild West

Cattle Call – Sons of the Pioneers

Cowboy – Eddy Arnold

Love Song of the Waterfall – Frank Ifield

Dreaming of the Western Plains – Rex Allen

Blue Montana Skies – Riders in the Sky

When the Moon Comes Over Sun Valley – Sons of the Pioneers

Prairie Lullaby – Due West Trio

Saddle Serenade – Johnny Bond’s Red River Valley Boys

Listen to the Mockingbird – Sons of the Pioneers

Lonely Yukon Stars – Riders in the Sky

Cowboy Coffee – Joni Harms   

Moliendo Café – Trio los Panchos

Welcome to the West – Ranger Doug

Closing theme

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