Western Music Time (31 Oct – 4 Nov 2018),DJ OJ Sikes

Opening  theme

There’s a Rainbow Over the Range – Sons of the Pioneers     

Western Wind

Old Western Wind – Jimmy Wakely Trio

Panhandle Wind – Red Steagall

Out Here the Wind Blows Free – Jimmy Wakely Trio

Where the Wild Winds Blow –Ranger Doug

The Cold Wind Blows – Sisters of the Silver Sage

Wind – Sons of the Pioneers

Blow, Wind, Blow – Jimmy Wakely Trio

Music from Selected John Wayne films

Riders of Destiny – Studio Orch

Somewhere in Sonora – Studio Orch

La Rosita (from Somewhere in Sonora) – Laurindo Almeida

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon/The Girl I Left Behind Me – Studio Orch & chorus

The Searchers – Sons of the Pioneers

Rio Bravo –  Dean Martin

My Rifle, My Pony & Me (from Rio Bravo) – Dean Martin

Rio Grande theme – Studio Orch

My Gal is Purple (from Rio Grande) –Sons of the Pioneers

The Alamo/Green Leaves of Summer – Studio Orch (Main Title)

So Long Duke – Rex Allen

He’s Gone Up the Trail – Sons of the Pioneers

Green Light – Hank Thompson & his Brazos Valley Boys

A Rare Gene Autry Western Recording

Eyes to the Skies – Gene Autry

Saddle Your Bronc and Ride – Andy Parker & the Plainsmen

Rose of the Rockies – Jimmy Wakey Trio

Remembering the Columbia LP, ROY ROGERS

(My Little Lady) Hadie Brown – Roy Rogers 

Dust – Roy Rogers

When I Camped Under the Stars – Roy Rogers

Old Pioneer – Roy Rogers

She’s All Wet Now – Roy Rogers

Headin’ for Texas and Home - Roy Rogers  

Another Rare Gene Autry Recording

With a Song in My Heart – Gene Autry

I’m a Wild & Reckless Cowboy – The Prairie Ramblers & Patsy Montana

Weary Old Hills – Jimmy Wakely Trio

Song of the Sierras -  Foy Willing & the Riders of the Purple Sage

Cherokee Maiden – Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys

The Vanishing West

This Ain’t the Same Old Range – Sons of the Pioneers

Man Walks Among Us –Bob Nolan

No Range to Ride Anymore – Vaughn Monroe

The West is in My Soul – Sons of the Pioneers

Grand Canyon – Bob Wagoner

Trees – Sons of the Pioneers

Purple Sage in the Twilight – Gene Autry

Closing theme

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