Western Music Time (8-12 Aug 2018),DJ OJ Sikes

Western Music Time

Opening theme

Rainbow Over the Range – Reinsmen

Rhythm of the Range – Gene Autry

Home in San Antone – Sons of the Pioneers  

Artistry in Western Swing – Tex Williams & his Western Caravan

The Wills Brothers

Milk Cow Blues – Johnnie Lee Wills  

Shut-up and Drink Your Beer! – Luke Wills & his Rhythm Busters  fea Tommy Doss

Troubles (Those Lonesome Kind) - Billy Jack Wills & his Western Swing Band

Don’t Count Your Chickens - Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys

Blue Montana Skies – Jimmy Wakely

Cowtown – George Strait

Cowtown – Saguaro Sisters

Cowtown Blues – Don Edwards

My Kind of Country – Gene Autry

Roll Along Covered Wagon – Frank Chacksfield

Guns of Rio Muerto – Johnny Western & Richard Boone

Rex Allen’s 1972 LP, Rex Allen Sings Boney Kneed, Hairy Legged Cowboy Songs

Moonshine Steer

Droop Ears

Windy Bill

When the Work’s  All Done This Fall

Remembering the 1990’s

Ride Cowboy Ride - Riders in the Sky 1990

Let the Cowboy Dance - Michael Martin Murphey 1990

Great American Cowboy - Sons of the San Joaquin 1990

Mustang – Robert Wagoner 1991

La Luna Sonora - Tom & Becky Chambers 1991

That’s How the West was Swung – Roy Rogers & the KY Headhunters 1991

Arizona Sunset – Reinsmen 1992

Western Skies -  Sourdough Slim 1992

Stampede - Lobo Rangers 1992

Over Nevada - Trudy Fair 1992

What Time’s the Train Leaving, Mister? - Jean Beck (Prescott) 1993

The Wagon Tongue - Red Steagall 1993

Ridin’ Ropin’ -Hays County Gals & Pals 1994

Room to Roam - Wylie & the Wild West 1994

Cimarron (Roll on) - Sons of the Pioneers 1994

Eighteen Inches of Rain - Ian Tyson 1994

There’s a Bridle Hanging on the Wall - Don Edwards & Rex Allen 1999

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